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Sponsor an AI Tinkerers Meetup

April 09, 2024

AI Tinkerers is a thriving community of passionate AI builders, engineers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI and large language models (LLMs). By sponsoring a meetup in one of our cities, you directly contribute to the growth and innovation of this exciting field while gaining valuable exposure to top talent and fostering meaningful connections.

Why Sponsor AI Tinkerers? 🏅

  • Connect with Elite AI Talent: Join a highly curated network of highly skilled AI practitioners actively building the future and deepen your network with the next generation of AI entrepreneurs and talent in your ecosystem.
  • Boost Brand Visibility: Position your company as a leader in the AI space and showcase your commitment to supporting cutting-edge technology. Benefit from prominent brand placement on event pages, email announcements, and during the meetup itself.
  • Drive Innovation: Contribute to the advancement of AI by contributing to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the development of groundbreaking AI applications.
  • Support the Community: Help foster a vibrant and inclusive community of AI practioners, nurturing the next generation of AI leaders and innovators.

AI Tinkerers Community Stats 📊

  • Members: 9185 members: AI/ML - 29.26%, Full-Stack Engineering - 22.64%, Data Science - 11.6%, Entrepreneurship - 11.19%, Python - 6.55%
  • Companies Represented: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, OpenAI, Anthropic, Stealth Startup, Fixie.ai, Deloitte, and more.
  • Demos Presented: 801 demos have been submitted and 334 demos have been presented. Some of the most exciting and interesting demo themes and technical areas explored at AI Tinkerers's meetups include AI-powered video relighting, AI-enhanced learning tools, vision language models, fine-tuning open-source models, AI-powered gaming, AI assistants for chess and mental health, domain-specific transformer models, AI for spatial computing, and AI-generated music and art. The top demos include "The Bitter Lesson - Compute vs Human Knowledge in AI Systems" by Saad Saadi and "AI Video Relighting" by Ryan Burgoyne from Skyglass.

Testimonials 💬

Sponsorship Options 🤝

  • Host a Meetup: Provide your office space or another suitable venue for an AI Tinkerers meetup. This option offers maximum visibility and allows you to directly engage with the community.
  • Sponsor the Food: Fuel the minds and bodies of our attendees by providing catering for the event. This is a great way to show your support and leave a lasting impression.

AI Tinkerers events are typically held monthly and take place at night. The format includes brief announcements, 5 to 10 technical demos from the community, and open networking. Food and drink is arranged courtesy of the sponsors and attendance is strictly curated to active builders only.

Ready to Sponsor? 🆗

Use the “contact us” button that appears at the bottom of each city’s page. To contact AI Tinkerers Global, use the Contact AI Tinkerers button on the bottom of this page.

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